Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reviving my blog!

April 27, 2010
I’ve been saying for a while that I was going to get back to blogging. Here we go! After going through fertility treatments, I am a mom, and an educator by both training and interest. We live outside New York City, in a condo. I am married to my second husband - I was widowed by cancer in my late 20’s. Even after getting remarried, it took a while (and assisted technologies) to get pregnant due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Since Mommy-hood took a while to come to me, I am continually grateful to finally be a mom. However, I’ve found that both for a little additional money, and for my sanity (and resume), I would like to find work that is hopefully interesting and leaves me with a few bucks after independent-contracting taxes are taken out and we pay the babysitter. Since we live in an expensive part of the country, and I’m finding that something that actually meets those criteria is quite difficult - more difficult than I’d expected. But I keep trying, and I’m sure I will be writing about it!

Who is the little guy? I have a fabulous 9-month-old son who thinks he’s already a toddler - crawling, pulling up, cruising, generally getting into everything. He is NOT a consistent sleeper, so that has been a challenge, particularly over the last few months as he’s gotten more active. We are breastfeeding, and plan on continuing until 12 months and possibly beyond. I’m a strong advocate of breastfeeding, and am actually just starting the process to become a La Leche League leader. At least that will be good for my resume!

Since I am not 25 anymore (and my husband isn’t even 35 anymore), we’ll be trying to get pregnant again soon... although it will almost certainly be a challenge with my PCOS issues. We’re open to adopting, but after being able to be pregnant and breastfeeding my son, I’m really hoping we can get pregnant on our own. (Plus, the older we get the harder it will be for us to qualify for adopting, especially in the current climate surrounding international adoptions...)

I hope my blog will be interesting enough for people to read - at least now I’ve gotten started!

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